asthmaPharmacy services for people with ASTHMA

The Pharmacist is trained to help you achieve a better quality of life and to advise you on how to better manage your asthma symptoms. You may feel your symptoms regularly disrupt your life or leave you feeling anxious. While these feelings are understandable, the good news is that having asthma does not have to mean putting up with a lower quality of life caused by, for example, sleepless nights or feeling you’re not able to exercise. Understanding your condition is a good place to begin, so ask your pharmacist.

Discuss with your pharmacist ways to help manage your asthma better.

Advice is available for the following areas:

Asthma Flare Ups

Exercising with asthma

Flu vaccination for people with asthma

How can I support a loved one with asthma?

Repeat Prescription Service

Smoking and asthma

Understanding asthma triggers

Using asthma inhalers correctly and medication

Asthma society contact information and booklets