Blister Packs

biodoseBlister packs are available at no extra cost in Drimoleague Pharmacy. Blister packs are ideal for patients on multiple medications, also for people who may forget whether they have taken their mediation.

The blister packs we use also allow patients to maintain their independence and stay in their own home. The medicine is put into sealed prefilled cup. Each cup is removable from the tray. When the carer is leaving at 6pm they can simply leave a single prefilled medicine cup with the night-time medication on the table for the patient.

The days of the week, the times of administration, the medicines contained in each prefilled cup are all clearly visible. Drimoleague Pharmacy contact details are also visible.

Buy Irish – the blister packs we use have been developed by Irish Pharmacists who manufacture the entire blister pack & seals here in Ireland.