Pestle & Mortar The Double Sided Face Cloth 3 Pack


Pestle & Mortar The Double-Sided Face Cloth

1x 3 face cloth

Deep cleansing, Super Soft, 100% Cotton. Machine washable, Comfortable, Lightweight feel.

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Pestle & Mortar The Double Sided Face Cloth

The Double-Sided Face Cloth is your skincare secret weapon.

Use it with your favorite cleansers to remove pore-blocking debris.

Stimulate circulation and reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.

Naturally Exfoliating muslin side, Skin polishing smooth side.


How to Use:

Use with Pestle & Mortars Erase & Renew cleansers for best results.

At night, Massage Erase onto dry skin and remove using the muslin side of your warm, damp face cloth.

Then cleanse with the Renew, using the softer side, of your damp cloth.

In the morning, cleanse with Renew.